Back then, when the market for yoga clothing was still sparse, my husband and me founded DIWALI Yogawear, Austria's first yoga clothing line. We have experimented for years with a variety of yoga clothes, but in the end we came to one solution: to meet our high standards we must design our own yoga wear. Our intention was to find the perfect fabric that is responsible to the environment, yet promises a perfect fit. All our items can be used for activities like Hot Yoga, surfing, swimming, fitness and much more. Focus on your practice not on your gear.

Our manufacturers are all based on the European mainland and chosen to reduce any unnecessary transport or shipping across the globe. We do not support cheap labour, so all our products are higher quality and made of recycled fabric. Therefore, they are slightly more expensive.
We also try to avoid the use of any plastic packaging and do not pack each item separately. We kindly ask you to re-use our packages for your own purposes. As a small business, our aim is to help minimizing the environmental impact on this planet. Be the change you want to see in the world.

Designed in Austria, made in Europe. Sustainable and ecologically friendly since 2010.